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Art Historian and Educator

I strive to create educational experiences that encourage wonder, collaboration, and intellectual engagement while cultivating greater social justice, ethical behavior, and inclusion, qualities that derive from an increasing appreciation for, and understanding of the arts and one another.

Professor of Art History
PhD Boston University, 1997


Peter Barr has directed a college art gallery, chaired an art department, and taught a wide variety of courses in art history courses, art appreciation, arts foundations, careers in the arts, exhibition techniques, and liberal arts. In everything he does, he is committed to the values of diversity, sustainability, and equality. His main areas of interest include the History of Photography, the History of Architecture, the History of Graphic Design, and Contemporary Art. 

Click here for a website that Barr assembled. It features a selection of diverse, mostly contemporary artists that Barr encourages his students to investigate.

Click here to visit his award-winning website about the history of architecture in Adrian, Michigan.


Click this link to read his essays on the photographs of Berenice Abbott (1898-1991), The Reception and Sources of Berenice Abbott’s Paris Portrait Style, 1925–29,” History of Photography, volume 34, number 1, February 2010, 43-59.


Click on this link to read his essay, "Berenice Abbott's 'Changing New York' and Urban Planning Debates in the 1930s," in The Built Surface (Volume II:  Architecture and Pictures from Romanticism to the Millennium) edited by Christy Anderson and Karen Koehler (Aldershot, England: Ashgate Press, 2002), 257-282.

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